LED for life.

The future of lighting is now.

The LED technology we deliver to our clients today will be
the lighting used by generations to come.

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OptimalLED ALFA Series


The OptimalLED ALFA series street light is perfect for street light, road way or parking applications. The ALFA is UL and DLC approved and comes in a range of wattages each with four corrosion resistant colors; black, bronze, gray and white. Custom branding colors are also available upon request. Patent designed fixture is constructed of aluminum featuring a low profile design that minimizes wind loading and pole sway. IP67 rated, the ALFA is truly weather and impact resistant.

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We deliver long life LED Technology for a lifelong, brighter, more energy & cost efficient future.

OptimalLED -

Our Story

OptimalLED was founded in 2008 by Mr. Steve James in the Pacific Northwest United States. Mr. James’ primary focus was a more energy-conscious and eco-friendly commercial fishing industry.

After achieving great success with the Alaska and Pacific Northwest fishing fleet & fish processing plants, OptimalLED expanded its product offerings in 2011 to include commercial, industrial, municipal, and landscape lighting.

The OptimalLED corporate office was established in 2012 in Oviedo, Florida and included a small sales staff as well as supporting staff. The year 2014 saw the opening of our corporate sales and distribution facility in Toledo, Ohio. With over 17,000 square feet in our warehouse we have over 3 million dollars in product to promptly serve any and all customer’s needs. In 2015 we expanded our footprint to include corporate sales offices in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Brighton, Michigan.

With large stateside inventories, an industry leading 10 year / 100,000 hour warranty, OptimalLED and our professional staff is ready to help you with your LED needs.

About Us

OptimalLED Inc. is a leader in energy efficient technologies as well as the manufacturer & importer of LED lighting. LED is the most energy efficient lighting solution available today. With a life span of 100,000 hours, LED lighting reduces energy cost up to 80% and virtually eliminates the need for maintenance. Primary markets include commercial/industrial, marine/off-road, & grow light applications.

OptimalLED has a network supporting thousands of lighting professional, contractors, distributors & end users across the globe.

For more information contact or call 1-888-988-6533.

Our Message

OptimalLED Inc. is a company founded on the principals of energy efficiency and the benefits it brings to the consumer. We believe the future of lighting and energy is marked by the speed with which we bring the latest technology to the consumer marketplace. The long life LED technology we deliver to our clients today will be the lighting used by generations to come. Our goal is to equip you with the lighting needs of today and to assure your lighting can be considered as part of your investment portfolio for tomorrow.

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OptimalLED was founded in 2008 with a primary focus on a more energy-conscious and eco-friendly, commercial fishing industry. Having achieved great success within the Alaska and Pacific Northwest fishing trawler fleet and fish processing plants, OptimalLED expanded its product offerings to include industrial, commercial, municipal, residential, leisure marine, and landscape lighting. Our initial endeavor of providing LED lighting for marine uses and to fishing vessels in the world’s harshest environments provided a top-grade platform off which OptimalLED could launch their ever-expanding product line with unmatched quality and service.

  • OptimalLED offers a free Energy Comparison Survey Report upon request for any client in advance of purchase.
  • An educated customer is a happy customer—that’s our belief at OptimalLED. When we can help customers make educated decisions, we’re helping them to reap the long-term rewards of eco-efficiency.
  • OptimaLED provides demo samples prior to purchase to assure the customer gets what they expect.
  • Many OptimalLED clients become local dealers within their own communities. We encourage and support these entrepreneurs and welcome all interest in our products. Contact us today to learn more about our Dealer Program.