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OptimalLED Inc. is a company founded on the principals of energy efficiency and the benefits it brings to the consumer. We believe the future of lighting and energy is marked by the speed with which we bring the latest technology to market. The delivery of long-life LED technology to the consumer has evolved and OptimalLED has adapted to the market changes, striving for excellence in creating a revolutionary LED supply chain. The goal of OptimalLED is to source top quality products for our clients, and provide world class customer service.

We work as a wholesaler, not a manufacturer!

Access to same products produced by top OEMs
Purchase these same quality products from OptimalLED
Stateside inventory available for quick ship & samples
No hassle customer service
Clarification on UL/DLC certifications
Credit terms
Warranty support
Vetted, tested, approved factory products
Let us source volume product for you!

Win projects. Increase margins. Finish jobs fast.

Adapt or Die

The lighting industry is constantly evolving. As product technology improves and suppliers come and go, lighting and the process to deliver it to market has changed as well. The switch was flipped and the only relevant technology is LED.

Perhaps the biggest change in the lighting industry over the last few years is the target audience. While lighting has traditionally generated a majority of its business from new construction, the largest growth potential is now in the renovation market. With a finite number of office buildings, schools and warehouses being built in a given year, the existing base of installed lighting is enormous for retrofitting. According to a Transparency Market Research Report, the Global LED Retrofit Market is estimated to reach 4,983.9 Million by 2026, a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.25% from 2018-2026.


The Optimal Solution

What’s needed is a way to bridge the gap between Asia and the North American Market. A company that is willing to bring in huge quantities of today’s hottest LED inventory. OptimalLED is that company!

OptimalLED is the ONLY company in North America offering large stateside inventory from the top-selling LED factories.  At OptimalLED, we maintain the highest quality standards with ready to ship products, and provide world class customer service and support. All from a team who is open for business when you are.

Eliminate the hassle of supply chain logistics by working with OptimalLED. Avoid losing money on your next project by saving time and money with OptimalLED. Let our experienced and talented team, and our revolutionary LED supply chain, make your job easier and more profitable!

Now is your opportunity to obtain the price and availability to not only compete on these jobs, but win them! Whether you are a manufacturer, manufacturer’s rep, sales rep, distributor, ESCO or contractor – inventory and best price win orders. Don’t miss out by not taking advantage of all OptimalLED has to offer.

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