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OptimalLED Inc. is a leader in energy efficient technologies as well as the manufacturer & importer of LED lighting. LED is the most energy efficient lighting solution available today. Our primary focuses are in Industrial and Commercial markets. With a life span of 50,000 hours, LED lighting reduces energy cost up to 80% and virtually eliminates the need for maintenance.

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Athena Career Academy

OptimalLED lighting has been installed throughout the Athena Career Academy, helping to bring light to the students and staff!    

5-30 Virtual Lunch and Learn Full Webinar

Click here to see the full Virtual Lunch and Learn Webinar from 5 -30-18.

5-30 Virtual Lunch and Learn – Behind the Scene

Check out our footage of the “behind the scenes” set-up of our Virtual Lunch and Learn on YouTube! For those of you who missed it, the full webinar will be available on our YouTube channel tomorrow!


Many OptimalLED clients become local agents within their own communities. We encourage and support these entrepreneurs and welcome all interest in our products. Contact us today to learn more about our independent sales agents.

30-Day Product Samples

OptimalLED provides demo samples prior to purchase to assure our customer gets exactly what they want.

Education Resource

An educated customer is a happy customer—that’s our belief at OptimalLED. When we can help customers make educated decisions, we’re helping them to reap the long-term rewards of eco-efficiency.

Dialux Lighting Layout

OptimalLED offers a free Dialux Lighting Layout Report upon request for any client in advance of purchase.

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