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The lighting world has changed. It’s different. Pandora’s box is open, and there aren’t enough old lamps and ballasts in the world to stack on top to hold it shut.  From products to manufacturers, distribution to lumens per watt. Things have changed and it’s time to jump on the wave and be a part of the fantastic ride that is happening RIGHT NOW!

We have seen the lighting industry turn a corner, with little or no time to prepare for it.  It’s like someone flipped a light switch (pun intended) and the only thing relevant is LED. LED flashlights, LED work lights, LED traffic lights, LED wall packs, LED tubes, LED, LEDs…you get the point!  The HID/Fluorescent light switch has been turned off…For good…thank you!

Perhaps the biggest change in lighting over the last few years is the target audience.  While lighting has traditionally generated a majority of its business from the new construction market, the largest growth potential that exists now is the renovation market.  Only so many office buildings, schools and warehouses can be built in a given year, but the existing base of installed lighting is ripe for retrofitting, and it adds up to about eleven-teen gazillion dollars if my math is correct.  OK, maybe I made that up. The fact of the matter is, the industry has recognized that the greatest potential for growth and profit lies in retrofitting. And it’s big. I mean huge.


So just where will all these new LEDs come from?  Shenzhen, China. The world’s LEDs are made overseas. Every U.S. “manufacturer” is just private labeling imported product and reselling it to you. What’s changed is that the overseas factories are now selling direct into the U.S. marketplace and have been for the last couple of years.

The positives for you are; factory direct prices, no “middle men” marking up the product, plus, you can say you’re an “international business-person”.  The negatives of buying direct from Shenzhen? Wire the payment – in full and up front (no payment terms). Ouch! Freight & duty fees. Ouch! Then – wait 4-6 weeks for the product to arrive? Ouch!


What’s needed is a buffer.  Someone to bridge the gap between China and the North American market.  Someone who is willing to bring in high volumes of today’s hottest LED inventory.

The good news?  OptimalLED has done this for you!

OptimalLED is the ONLY company in North America offering large stateside inventory of the top selling LED factories.  We have the highest quality product available, ready to ship. All while supporting our clients with world class customer service and support from a team who is open for business when you are. With decades of experience in sales, sourcing, & logistics. Let the Optimal team help you win more jobs and make more money! Get back to what is most important to you…servicing your customers and selling more LEDs.

By representing factories like James Industry, MasonLED, SunPZone and Walstar, we have created a Revolutionary LED Supply Chain Solution, which means more value for our customers.  Now is your opportunity to obtain the price and availability to not only compete on these jobs but win them.  Whether you are a manufacturer, a manufacturer’s sales rep, distributor, ESCO, or contractor – inventory and best price win orders.  Don’t miss out by not taking advantage of everything OptimalLED has to offer.

The product is here and ready to go for your next project. There’s no need to look any further than our fulfillment center in Toledo, Ohio.  The talented and experienced team at Optimal LED has created this solution for you.

Contact us for stock sheets and pricing to start leveraging our revolutionary LED supply chain today! 888-988-6533 /


Aaron Bortz
Aaron Bortz, Sales Manager


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