OptimalLED is revolutionizing the lighting industry – saving time, money and hassle

Toledo, Ohio, August 30, 2018 – The LED lighting industry has evolved considerably the last several years. The expert team at OptimalLED Inc. is revolutionizing the energy efficient lighting market by partnering with top LED manufacturers and bringing the best lighting products stateside for the convenience of the North American consumer. As product technology improves and manufacturers come and go, lighting and the process to deliver it to market has changed as well. OptimalLED has anticipated and prepared for these industry changes by stocking large quantities of product, providing payment terms, and superior customer service.

The world’s LEDs are manufactured overseas and have been sold mainly through distribution. In recent years, Asian factories started selling straight into the U.S. market. There are a few positives, but significant negatives to having direct access to the Asian LED product supply.


  • Factory direct pricing
  • No middle man mark-up
  • Promote “international business status”


  • Wire the payment – in full and up front
  • No payment terms – pay freight & duty fees
  • Wait up to 6 weeks for the product to arrive

According to OptimalLED General Manager, Dennis Newhouse, “We are excited about the changes we’re implementing to better serve our clients. In an evolving industry, it is important to maintain high quality standards and provide world class customer support during the hours U.S. businesses are open. That is what we offer. Winning a project bid can be the easy part in the lighting business. Our team can streamline your supply chain logistics and lower costs to help your projects finish on budget and on time.”

OptimalLED bridges the gap between the Asian and the North American market by offering large stateside inventories from top-selling LED manufacturers like James Industries, MasonLED, SunPZone and Walstar.

Eliminate the hassle of supply chain logistics with ready to ship, in-stock products. All lighting professionals who are interested in selling quality products at factory direct prices available for quick ship, contact OptimalLED at or 888-988-6533. For more information log onto

About OptimalLED:

OptimalLED Inc. is a company founded on the principals of energy efficiency and the benefits it brings to the consumer. We believe the future of lighting and energy is marked by the speed with which we bring the latest technology to market. The delivery of long-life LED technology to the consumer has evolved and OptimalLED has adapted to the market changes, striving for excellence in creating a revolutionary LED supply chain solution. The goal of OptimalLED is to source top quality products, and provide world class customer service. Our updated website can be viewed at:


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