Soooooo what you’re telling me is I can only have two of those?  I can have it good and fast but its gonna cost me?  It can be fast and cheap, but no good?!?  I can have it cheap and good, but I’ll be dead before it gets here?

Well that sucks…me likey all 3! (insert pouty face emoji here)

Good News!  I’m here to tell you that the “good/fast/cheap – pick two” theory is dead.  I’ll explain more in a minute.


Good – fast – cheap is society’s perception of the American Dream, for crying out loud.  Nobody wants to wait on anything anymore.  When I see a Facebook post from an “oversharer” who just put a bagel in the toaster and are mere minutes from doughy buttery goodness, I too, want a bagel.  Why not?  They’re delicious, good and cheap…the problem is, I’m at work and miles away from my toaster so it won’t be fast (here comes the pouty face again).  So now I’m going to have to sit around and wait for some gal to give me an update on just how good her bagel was and stare at her overshared pictures of a plate of crumbs and butter smears.  Poo.


I suppose I could run to my car and dig out the bagel my daughter didn’t finish on the way to school today.  She dropped it on the floor board on her way out but hey, it’s cheap and fast…wait though, it’s not good.  Crap.  That isn’t worth posting on Facebook.  Nobody wants to read that I crammed a disfigured day-old bagel in the toaster in hopes of keeping up with a FB pal (forget pouty face and insert the little guy’s face who is all red and scrunched in with steam coming out of his ears).


Let’s see…perhaps I could create my own insta-bagel-nator.  A machine that makes a perfectly toasted and buttery bagel at the very moment I say the magic words Alexa Insta-bagel-nator…its bagel time!  No work required.  I just say the magic phrase and it creates the bagel out of thin air.  Sounds genius, I know.  It’ll be hands free, blue tooth enabled, stainless steel, offer butter or cream cheese and produce 6 different bagel flavors.  Yikes!  Sounds expensive.  That’s just two out of three again isn’t it?  This Facebook *@%#’s getting to be a lot of work. (face palm this time)

Huh, I guess it doesn’t work with bagels and Facebook.  Good thing we’re in the LED business after all.  Better yet, good thing for our reps and customers that we’re in the LED business, cause I’m here to tell you with OptimalLED’s all new Revolutionary Supply Chain, you can have all three.

Here’s the deal.  In the renovation market you want it good/fast/cheap, and I’ll add one more, convenient.  (we’re talking LEDs now, not bagels).  You want to win the job with price but need to feel confident in your product of choice and you need to have that product readily available stateside.

There’s a lot of good/cheap out there from internet brokers.  The problem is, they’re just brokers.  No inventory, no quick delivery and absolutely no support.

There’s a lot of good/fast out there too.  Its from the big boys in the biz and it ain’t cheap…trust me, I know, I worked for them.

Then there are fast/cheap LEDs and fast/cheap = future headaches.

Those problems are gone with Optimal LED’s Revolutionary Supply Chain.  We’ve partnered with top factories from China who are OEM’s for the mainstream manufacturers you know today.

Why give the private labels and large manufacturers all the extra mark-up for things such as DLC co-listings, UL co-listings, marketing materials, customized packaging materials, not to mention the extra overhead for thousands and thousands of employees in many cases?  In this day and age, it’s not needed.

More importantly, you want those three things with the convenience of dealing with an American company who supports you before, during and after the sale.  Someone who can offer credit terms with no cash up front.  An American company who is open for business when you are, that can answer questions, provide warranty support and ship product promptly from our 5 million dollar + inventory here in Toledo, Ohio.

If you’re sick of being priced out of the market because of private labels and the added expenses that come with them and tired of long lead times or unreliable product, you’ve come to the right place.  Take advantage of OptimalLED’s Revolutionary Supply Chain where good/fast/cheap…(pick all 3) does exist!

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are going to be buying LED lights soon.   It’s not a matter of if, but when.  And more importantly, from whom?  Do yourself (and your Facebook besties) a favor and give us a call to understand more about our Revolutionary Supply Chain and how we are changing the way the industry buys LED lighting and its benefits.

Bottom line, if you want to go 3 for 3 on good/fast/cheap, you want OptimalLED. (insert smiley winkey guy here).

Oh, and the irony in all of this?  I just remembered, I don’t even like bagels.

Aaron Bortz, Sales Manager

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