Introducing the First 200 Lumens per Watt LED Fixture

200 Lumens per Watt Linear High Bay

Industry-leading OptimalLED has first inventory available

Toledo, Ohio, December 10, 2018 – OptimalLED Inc. is excited to be the first lighting company to market and distribute a highly efficient, 200 lumens per watt, LED linear high bay to the American consumer. Manufactured by SunPZone Lighting Electronic Co. Ltd, Inc., this innovative LED fixture can currently be found only through the industry-leading OptimalLED, who has revolutionized the supply chain for energy efficient lighting.

The newly designed, intelligent LEDs have been engineered for numerous applications and are available from 16,000 – 64,000 lumen output versions, which compare to traditional metal halide. Available accessories include; integrated occupancy and daylight sensors, full range dimming and the ability to network wirelessly to smartphone apps or lighting management software systems. 

“We are thrilled to offer the 200 lumens per watt, LED linear high bay for our customers,” said Aaron Bortz, Sales Manager for OptimalLED. “This product maximizes light efficiency and provides excellent light quality to produce desired results. A 200 lumens per watt fixture adds value in energy savings and light output.”

“This LED fixture sets a new standard for lighting excellence,” said Frank Du, President of SunPZone. “Increasing value for our customers by offering improved lumen output and better, brighter lighting are part of the core values that SunPZone represents.”

The LED linear high bay offers several mounting and lens options including prismatic or pc cover. Available in 1×2 ft, 2×2 ft, 1×4 ft, 2×4 ft. sizes and allows for customized optical distribution.  This fixture is ETL and premium DLC certified.

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About OptimalLED:

OptimalLED Inc. is a company founded on the principals of energy efficiency and the benefits it brings to the consumer. The future of lighting is guided by the speed of bringing the latest technology to market. OptimalLED has adapted to the evolution of market changes by striving for excellence in delivering long-life LED technology with a revolutionary LED supply chain. The goal of OptimalLED is to source the highest quality products and provide world class customer service.


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