Soooooo what you’re telling me is I can only have two of those?  I can have it good and fast but its gonna cost me?  It can be fast and cheap, but no good?!?  I can have it cheap and good, but I’ll be dead before it gets here? Well that sucks…me likey all 3! (insert pouty face emoji here) Good News!  I’m here to tell you that the “good/fast/cheap – pick two” theory is dead.  I’ll explain more in a minute. Good/Cheap Good – fast – cheap is society’s perception of the American Dream, for crying out loud.  Nobody wants to wait on anything anymore.  When I…


Introducing the First 200 Lumens per Watt LED Fixture

Industry-leading OptimalLED has first inventory available Toledo, Ohio, December 10, 2018 – OptimalLED Inc. is excited to be the first lighting company to market and distribute a highly efficient, 200 lumens per watt, LED linear high bay to the American consumer. Manufactured by SunPZone Lighting Electronic Co. Ltd, Inc., this innovative LED fixture can currently be found only through the industry-leading OptimalLED, who has revolutionized the supply chain for energy efficient lighting. The newly designed, intelligent LEDs have been engineered for numerous applications and are available from 16,000 – 64,000 lumen output versions, which compare to traditional metal halide. Available accessories include; integrated occupancy and daylight sensors, full…



Lumens Per Watt People buy things for many different reasons; take cars for example.  We all have our likes and dislikes -   compact cars, SUVs, compact SUVs, muscle cars, sedans, luxury cars, etc.  Let’s not forget about the trim packages and the options that come with that too.  Between interior options and types of vehicles, the possibilities are endless.  Poll 100 people on their dream car and you’ll get 100 different answers.  But at the end of the day, there is one common denominator that common-sense consumers care about - miles per gallon…fuel efficiency. Efficiency isn’t about leather trim, a sunroof or chrome wheels.  It’s black and white. …

Lighting Company Poised for Growth

OptimalLED adds lighting representation and new manufacturing partner Toledo, Ohio, November 27, 2018 – OptimalLED Inc. is growing as they add new lighting representatives and manufacturing companies to their already impressive line-up.  Founded in 2008, the Toledo-based lighting company has grown steadily over the years to become one of the leading providers of energy efficient, LED lighting to the Midwest region. General Manager, Dennis Newhouse, was largely responsible for guiding OptimalLED towards the new strategic vision of a ‘Revolutionary Supply Chain’.  Newhouse, Sales Manager Aaron Bortz and the board of directors anticipated and prepared for changes in the lighting industry. They have strategized and rebranded their business model…



Evolution of the Market When LEDs were introduced to the American marketplace, it wasn’t long until they started dominating commercial/industrial lighting. First in low wattage applications, like lamps and tubes, then they started capturing the high wattage replacements like 1,000-watt metal halides hanging 100 feet above the ground. Each additional phase saw high prices and short, insignificant warranties. As with all new technology, the price eventually drops as competition increases. Now we have a marketplace full of $5 tubes and $99 cobra heads with 10-year warranties. And everyone manufacturers their own LEDs, offers quick ship and best price. For decades, companies in North America have used the engineering,…
Ships at shipping dock


The lighting world has changed. It’s different. Pandora’s box is open, and there aren’t enough old lamps and ballasts in the world to stack on top to hold it shut.  From products to manufacturers, distribution to lumens per watt. Things have changed and it’s time to jump on the wave and be a part of the fantastic ride that is happening RIGHT NOW! We have seen the lighting industry turn a corner, with little or no time to prepare for it.  It’s like someone flipped a light switch (pun intended) and the only thing relevant is LED. LED flashlights, LED work lights, LED traffic lights, LED wall packs,…



OptimalLED is revolutionizing the lighting industry – saving time, money and hassle Toledo, Ohio, August 30, 2018 – The LED lighting industry has evolved considerably the last several years. The expert team at OptimalLED Inc. is revolutionizing the energy efficient lighting market by partnering with top LED manufacturers and bringing the best lighting products stateside for the convenience of the North American consumer. As product technology improves and manufacturers come and go, lighting and the process to deliver it to market has changed as well. OptimalLED has anticipated and prepared for these industry changes by stocking large quantities of product, providing payment terms, and superior customer service. The…


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