Videos are a great medium to use to explain how technology works and outline the benefits of a product.  For a product that changes rapidly like LED lighting, it is invaluable to use video to educate and engage customers on current trends.   The team at OptimalLED is excited to share our videos with you!

FLF 220W Conversion
This video shows how to convert an FLF 220W area light from a 100-277V to a 480V fixture.

FLF Slip Fit Mount
Watch our expert demonstrate changing the FLF 150W from a trunnion mount to a slip fit mount.

PLD LED Flat Panel Light Assembly
Many OptimalLED customers ask how our PLD LED Flat Panel Lights are assembled so we had our expert, Howard Ward, assemble one for you! Watch this time lapse video of him assembling the brightest LED Flat Panel in the industry!